Miss Anavie Hope

Miss Anavie Hope

Sep 2014

WE DID, WE FINALLY DID IT! We did go to Ethiopia, not only once but twice within 5 weeks! Now, that our baby girl is in the USA, it all seems like a very long dream.

In 2 months, we have gone from a couple to a family, flown 40,000 miles, I turned 40-years old, Anavie Hope turned 1-years old, we celebrated our 13-year wedding anniversary, and our baby girl has been with us now for 18 days. She is a US citizen and arriving in immigration at US customs was such a milestone for us (and her even though she doesn't know it yet).

It is amazing to be home and to see this little goal we had of even trying to having just one chance at having a baby see now where that has taken us. We would have never thought that in June 2014, we would have been flying so many miles and seen so many different destinations across the globe. And, in the end, bringing home a baby girl. We are absolutely in love with her!
Thanks be to God for this incredible journey of HOPE!

~ Carri, Edwin and Anavie Hope

~ Contributions in Kind ~

Support Crews: Rick & Elfi Ortenberger -
E.J. McCaffery - Dean Sheldon - Pat & Susan Grindle - Sherri Grindle -Bob & Trevor Lyons - Terri Lyons & Kay Likens

Support Riders: Rose Flato - Cindy Pfeifer - Wes Smith - Brad Odell
Other contributions along our journey: Rosebud Llama Ranch - Sage Motel of Vernal, UT - Steamboat Springs Chamber of Commerce - Moots Custom Cycles - Ron & Mary Kent of Grant, NE - Aggie Inn of Curtis, NE - Bob & Cindy Grabenstein of Eustis, NE - Claudia Martin and staff from Redstone Advertising Agency - Huntsman Cancer Foundation - Blackbottoms Cyclewear - Revolution Cycles - 5 Days, 500 Miles - Salt Lake Tribune - Ralston Recorder - Mayor Don Groesser of Ralston, NE - Greg Waldron from Old Chicago, Papillion NE - Crystal Osborne - Kerri & Pat Atencio - Tom and Amy Michalek from Hastings, NE
Miche Bag, A Night of HOPE: Ruth Hamlin, Kelly Batsch, and Stacia Stover-Anderson - Jennie Platt from Corporate Headquarters - Our Models: Stephanie Terri Ruth Jesse Shelby & Lorraine, Ruth Wassinger for donating many authgraphed copies of her book, Fit after 50 - Scott Hanson Jewelry - Dairy Queen - Runza- Great Harvest - Morning Blend AM Show, Channel 3 News- One Tree Yoga Studio - Brazen Head Irish Pub - Blue Sushi - 24-Hour Fitness - Chiropractic Wellness Center - The Refinery - Upstream Brewery - Henry Doorly Zoo - Ted & Wally's Ice Cream Parlor - Cupcake Island - Anything Goes for Hair - The Atrium at Nebraska Crossing - Miche Bag of Gretna - Jockey Clothing of Gretna

The Ride of Our Lives!!!

  • Thu. Jun 16 - 90 Miles, Salt Lake City, UT to Fruitland, UT
  • Fri. Jun 17 - 83 Miles, Fruitland, UT to Vernal, UT
  • Sat. Jun 18 - 90 Miles, Vernal, UT to Maybell, CO
  • Sun. Jun 19 - 71 Miles, Maybell, CO to Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Mon. Jun 20 - 60 Miles, Steamboat Springs, CO to Walden, CO
  • Tue. Jun 21 - 100 Miles, Walden, CO to Ft. Collins, CO
  • Wed. Jun 22 - 106 Miles, Ft. Collins, CO to Sterling, CO
  • Thu. Jun 23 - 85 Miles, Sterling, CO to Grant, NE
  • Fri. Jun 24 - 75 Miles, Grant, NE to Curtis, NE
  • Sat. Jun 25 - 70 Miles, Curtis, NE to Holdrege, NE
  • Sun. Jun 26 - 55 Miles, Holdrege, NE to Hastings, NE
  • Mon. Jun 27 - 115 Miles, Hastings, NE to Lincoln, NE
  • Wed. Jun 29 - 55 Miles, Lincoln, NE to Omaha, NE!!!